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Intermediate What would happen if we did not have a Moon?

Intermediate The Moon slows the Earth's rotation, but how fast was it spinning billions of years ago? Random Question.

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    Earth in the Middle

    Beginner What color is each planet? Intermediate Is the distance from the Earth to the Sun changing? Advanced How far is each planet from Earth? Intermediate Why do the planets orbit the sun? Beginner At what speed does the Earth move around the Sun? West and east on the Moon are where you would expect them, when standing on the Moon. But when we, on Earth, see the Moon in the sky, then the east—west direction is just reversed. When specifying coordinates on the Moon it should therefore always be mentioned whether geographic or rather selenographic coordinates are used or astronomical coordinates.

    The actual orientation you see the Moon in the sky or on the horizon depends on your geographic latitude on Earth. In the following description a few typical cases will be considered. The two hemispheres have distinctly different appearances, with the near side covered in multiple, large maria Latin for 'seas'.

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    These lowlands were believed to be seas of lunar water by the astronomers who first mapped them, in the 17th century notably, Giovanni Battista Riccioli and Francesco Maria Grimaldi. Although no bodies of liquid exist on the Moon, the term " mare " plural: maria is still used. The far side has a battered, densely cratered appearance with few maria. Though both sides of the Moon were bombarded by similarly large impactors, the near side hemisphere crust and upper mantle was hotter than that of the far side, resulting in the larger impact craters.

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    No matter where you live, we know that when night time comes, we will see his familiar face, shining down on the earth. It is always there and always facing us in the same way. It is believed that when the moon was created, it was due to a collision between the early developing earth and another planetoid called Theia. The blast was so huge that part of the debris that spun off slowly collected together and formed the moon. Scientists are still trying to figure out how the developing cold moon got locked into the orbit around the earth.

    The Other Face Of The Moon

    Some scientists believe that in the early development of the moon, it may have rotated, but for some reason, it stopped. The craters and mountains on the moon were made during its early creation. Earth had the same kind of craters and mountains, but ours have eroded due to the atmosphere causing wind and rain.

    When we look up at the moon, we think we see the face of the man in the moon, but it is actually just an illusion.