Rethinking Gender and Youth Sport (International Studies in Physical Education and Youth Sport)

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The sport for development program was designed using the Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility model with adaptations made to fit the cultural context. Coaches were trained as the primary implementers of the program. Data collection employed a mixed-methods approach that triangulated data from surveys, learning quizzes, focus groups, and interviews. Findings supported the potential value of the program in cultivating the development and possible transfer of personal responsibility e.

The study provided preliminary support for the contextual utility of engendering these developmental outcomes in an environment where youth are facing a major health threat i.

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Continued investment in long-term sport for development programming in Eswatini is warranted. Sport is often promoted as a vehicle through which a variety of social policy outcomes can be achieved.

Prof David Kirk | University of Strathclyde

One of the most common outcomes is the enhancement of social inclusion opportunities for marginalized youth populations. While a growing number of studies have examined the potential of sport-based interventions to address broader social concerns, few have focused on the recruitment activities used within such programs to engage youth populations.

Drawing on interview data collected within two sport-based interventions delivered in London UK , which both aimed to engage marginalized young people through sport, this article intends to examine three main issue: first, to explore the practices undertaken by the two organizations to recruit and retain participants in their sport-based interventions, and second, to examine the implications of these practices on participant recruitment strategies.

Be mindful of a young athlete’s psychological well-being.

Third, the article contends that within a context shaped by a neoliberal agenda, the necessity to meet predetermined participation targets encourages organizations to use the most efficient means possible to maximize numbers of program participants. However, such recruitment strategies often overlook young people whose social exclusion is more complex or acute, and who, arguably, are in greater need of intervention support.

More than 20 years since its bloody war, Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to suffer under structurally imposed ethnic divisions. This paper relies on Positioning Theory to explore whether CrossFit Sarajevo, a grassroots initiative, created necessary conditions to challenge these ethnocentric narratives within the club. According to its findings, this paper suggests that such organizations indeed have significant potential challenging divisive narratives.

It is intended to be a resource for physical activity promoters, with a focus on supportive urban environments and settings where children and young people live, study and play. This report outlines the blueprint itself, its development and suggested next steps. Welcome to the United Nations. Toggle navigation. Home Library Leisure-time activities. The report demonstrates that well-designed programmes that prioritize the best values of sport can drive development goals forward.

To read the third chapter on Sports and Youth, please visit here. To read about leisure time in the World Youth Report , please visit here. Working with scores of partners, we are mobilizing governments and engaging ministries, sports associations and civil society to ensure every child the right and opportunity to sport, recreation and play.

The World Youth Report provides an overview of the global situation of young people. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today.

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A Simple Key to True Belonging. Making Sense of Nutritional Psychiatry. Marika Lindholm Ph.

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