Recent Advances in Speech Understanding and Dialog Systems

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Niemann, Heinrich ; Seidel, H. Kasrpzak, W. Batliner, Anton ; Kompe, R.

Machine Learning for Spoken Dialogue Systems - TensorFlow and Deep Learning Singapore

An efficient combination of 2d and 3d shape description for contour based tracking of moving objects. A Probabilistic Approach for the Semantic Analysis. Color and depth in appearance based statistical object localization. Paulus, Dietrich; Csink, L. Color cluster rotation. Fischer, Julia; Haas, J. Meyer, D. Boros, M. How Statistics and Prosody can guide a Chunky Parser. Object localization with mixture densities of wavelet features. On the application of lightfield reconstruction for statistical object recognition.

Niemann, Heinrich ; Girod, B. The sfb - model based analysis and visualization of complex scenes and sensor data.

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Informatik '98 - Informatik zwischen Bild und Sprache. Gallwitz, Florian; Harbeck, S. Word Recognition with integrated detection of Phrase Boundaries. Uebler, Ulla; Niemann, Heinrich. Gallwitz, Florian; Aretoulaki, M. Wissensbasierte aktive Bildanalyse. Seidel, H. Niemann, Heinrich ; Nossek, J. Matousek, V. Statistical classifiers in computer vision.

Active rays: Polar-transformed active contours for real-time contour tracking.

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Journal on Real-Time Imaging, pp. Paulus, Dietrich W. Weierich, P.

Computational Learning for Conversational Interfaces

Model-based segmentation of the hyaline cartilage in MR images using dynamic programming combined with a one step balloon operation. Lakany, H. Object recognition from 2D images using Kohonen self- organized feature maps. Spracherkennung und Prosodie. KI, vol. Fischer, Julia; Niemann, Heinrich. Meller, Sebastian; Wolf, M.

Data-Driven Methods for Adaptive Spoken Dialogue Systems |

Automatic Tooth Restoration via Image Warping. Computer Assisted Radiology, Berlin, June , pp. Schickentanz, T. Classification and clustering of electroencephalographical recordings by grammars in epilepsy diagnostic. Mustererkennung , -, , pp.

Data-Driven Methods for Adaptive Spoken Dialogue Systems

Mustererkennung , Braunschweig, , pp. Kompe, R. Warnke, Volker; Kompe, R. Line Segmentation for Interferograms of Continuously deforming objects. Optimization Problems in Statistical Object Recognition. Probabilistic semantic analysis of speech. Prosodic Processing and its use in Verbmobil. Real-time pedestrian tracking in natural scenes. Semantigrams - Polygrams Detecting Meaning. Ackermann, U. Statistical 3-D object localization without segmentation using wavelet analysis.

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Tempo and its Change in Spontaneous Speech. Topic Spotting using Subword Units. Aachener Kolloqium "Signaltheorie", Bild- und Sprachsignale, -, , pp. Wavelet features for statistical object localization without segmentation. Zahnrestauration mittels Bilddeformation. Niemann, Heinrich ; Schneider, H.

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Pattern Reconition Letters, vol. International Journal of Computing and Information Technology, vol. Speech and Image Understanding, Ljubljana, Slovenien, , pp. Fischer, V. Automatische Normierung und Vermessung von 2. Digitale Bildverarbeitung in der Medizin, Freiburg, March , pp.

Classification of Boundaries and Accents in Spontaneous Speech. Eckert, W. Mast, M. Dialog Act Classification with the Help of Prosody. Echtzeitobjektverfolgung mit aktiven Strahlen. Gallwitz, Florian; Schukat-Talamazzini, E. Niemann, Heinrich ; Fischer, V. KI Advances in Artificial Intelligence, -, , pp.