Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, Random Vibration

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Primary or initial negative SRS. Secondary or residual SRS. Positive or maximum positive SRS. Negative or maximum negative SRS.

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Maximax SRS. Standardized response spectra. Half-sine pulse. Versed sine pulse. Terminal peak sawtooth pulse. Initial peak sawtooth pulse. Square pulse. Trapezoidal pulse. Choice of the type of SRS. Comparison of the SRS of the usual simple shapes. SRS of a shock defined by an absolute displacement of the support. Influence of the amplitude and the duration of the shock on its SRS.

Algorithms for calculation of the SRS. Subroutine for the calculation of the SRS. Choice of the sampling frequency of the signal. Example of use of the SRS.

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Use of SRS for the study of systems with several degrees of freedom. Properties of Shock Response Spectra. Shock response spectra domains. Properties of SRS at low frequencies. General properties. Shocks with zero velocity change. Shocks with V 0 A and D 0 A at the end of a pulse. Notes on residual spectrum. Properties of SRS at high frequencies. Damping influence.

Choice of damping. Choice of frequency range. Choice of the number of points and their distribution. Relation of SRS with Fourier spectrum. Primary SRS and Fourier transform. Residual SRS and Fourier transform. Comparison of the relative severity of several shocks using their Fourier spectra and their shock response spectra. Care to be taken in the calculation of the spectra. Main sources of errors. Influence of background noise of the measuring equipment. Influence of zero shift. Use of the SRS for pyroshocks. Development of Shock Test Specifications.

Simplification of the measured signal. Use of shock response spectra. Synthesis of spectra.

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Nature of the specification. Choice of shape. Other methods. Use of a swept sine. Simulation of SRS using a fast swept sine. Simulation by modulated random noise. Simulation of a shock using random vibration.


Least favorable response technique. Restitution of an SRS by a series of modulated sine pulses. Interest behind simulation of shocks on shaker using a shock spectrum. Kinematics of Simple Shocks. General expressions of the shock motion. Impulse mode. Impact mode. Standard Shock Machines. Main types. Impact shock machines. High impact shock machines. Lightweight high impact shock machine. Medium weight high impact shock machine. Pneumatic machines. Specific testing facilities. TPS shock pulse.

Square pulse - trapezoidal pulse. Universal shock programmer. Generation of Shocks Using Shakers. Principle behind the generation of a signal with a simple shape versus time. Main advantages of the generation of shock using shakers. Limitations of electrodynamic shakers. Mechanical limitations. Electronic limitations. Remarks on the use of electrohydraulic shakers.

Pre- and post-shocks. Pre-shock or post-shock. Kinematics of the movement for symmetric pre- and post-shock. Kinematics of the movement for a pre-shock or post-shock alone.

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Influence of the shape of pre- and post-pulses. Optimized pre- and post-shocks. Incidence of pre- and post-shocks on the quality of simulation.

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Influence of the pre- and post-shocks on the time history response of a one- degree-of-freedom system. Incidence on the shock response spectrum. Principle of control using a shock response spectrum. Parallel filter method.