Davidsbündlertänze, op. 6, no. 2: (Innig)

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As powerful in its profundity of expression as it is intimate in peaceful character, music does not get much more beautiful than this. Eventually it drifts away from humour and leads without pause into the next piece.

Jean-Marc Luisada

Grand Sonata No. To dedicate a work of such depth of feeling and such monumental pianistic demands to so young a person testifies to the extraordinary regard Schumann must already have had for the adolescent Clara, both as a person and as a pianist. He meets this challenge boldly, with a number of daring, original strokes.

The heart of the Sonata is its shortest movement, the Aria, which rises phoenix-like from a low note left faintly ringing, as though by accident, after the first movement fades away. Its ethereal, heartbreakingly sweet theme has already been heard during the introduction to the first movement, one of several cyclical elements in the work.

Robert Schumann - Davidsbündlertänze opus 6 - Humoreske opus 20

He is thinking of his beloved, and the sweet life he is departing from. The closing theme retreats from all the tumult and gleams with a profound serenity that defines the very essence of Eusebius. The Trio interrupts all this suddenly, and we enter an even more fanciful and bizarre world. The finale has been criticized as being excessively long and repetitive, yet it has such a magnificent and inspired variety of characters that the pulsing, jagged insistence of the five iterations of the main theme in four different keys!

Schumann: Davidsbündlertänze, Op.6 - 2. Innig

After spending most of the piece in the minor mode, the frenetic ending dissolves into a blazing, glorious F sharp major conclusion. Robert Schumann.

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Release date September 28, Periods Romantic. Genres Piano. Emmanuel Music in the News.

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Quartet in A minor, Op. Lebhaft 2.

Innig 3. Mit Humor 4. Ungedildig 5. Einfach 6.


Schumann: Davidsbündlertänze, Op.6; Grand Sonata No.1 in F sharp minor, Op.11

Sehr rasch 7. Nicht Schnell 8. Frisch 9.

Lebhhaft Sehr rasch Einfach Mit Humor Wild und lustig Zart und singend Frisch Mit gutem Humor Wie aus der Ferne Nicht Schnell. Alluding to its biblical namesake, the Davidsbund strove to champion music of higher cultural value by destroying that which it considered low-brow. Striking contrasts abound, as well as episodes of extraordinary harmonic exploration.