Contemporary Musicians: Profiles of the People in Music: Volume 3

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Scientists, philosophers, and commentators from a whole range of disciplines can't seem to agree on what it is, generating a sizeable field of contemporary research known as consciousness studies. Following its forebear Music and Consciousness: Philosophical, Psychological and Cultural Perspectives OUP, , this volume argues that music can provide a valuable route to understanding consciousness, and also that consciousness opens up new perspectives for the study of music. It argues that consciousness extends beyond the brain, and is fundamentally related to selves engaged in the world, culture, and society.

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The book brings together an interdisciplinary line up of authors covering topics as wide ranging as cognitive psychology, neuroscience, psychoanalysis, philosophy and phenomenology, aesthetics, sociology, ethnography, and performance studies and musical styles from classic to rock, trance to Daoism, jazz to tabla, and deep listening to free improvisation. Music and Consciousness 2 will be fascinating reading for those studying or working in the field of musicology, those researching consciousness as well as cultural theorists, psychologists, and philosophers.

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In: Oxford Handbook of Phenomenological Ethnomusicology. Oxford University Press. Abstract View in KAR Over the last decade there has been growing psychological interest in studying everyday experiences with and of music in ways that bypass a selective focus on musical function, mood, emotion, perception of musical attributes.

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Ecological perspectives on music listening, where experience is understood as the multimodal sum of a systemic interaction between perceiver, environment and musical attributes, have also been influential. This has been reflected in an increase in the number of empirical studies exhibiting a phenomenological approach. However, little research has explicitly addressed children and adolescents' holistic interactions with music.

Drawing on findings from a mixed method empirical inquiry into UK year olds involvement with music employing interpretative phenomenological analysis , this chapter explores the phenomenology of children and adolescent's unfolding, lived experiences of music in everyday scenarios. It discusses ways in which the subjective experience of music across this time-span changes, in terms of psychological characteristics, kinds of consciousness and meanings attached to music.

Key themes are related to topics within the philosophical phenomenological tradition and the relationship between philosophical and psychological understandings of phenomenology are considered. Showing 7 of 16 total publications in KAR. Information obtained from the Kent Academic Repository. The University of Kent official repository of academic activity.

More information about the Kent Academic Repository. Co-editor with Eric Clarke and David Clarke. Oxford: OUP. Articles in professional refereed journals : Herbert, R. Psychology of Music.

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