Children and Cultural Memory in Texts of Childhood

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Board of Education had a powerful effect on the fight for civil rights. Drawing on works ranging from documentary photography, coffee-table and art books, and popular historical narratives and photographic picture books for the very young, Civil Rights Childhood sheds new light on images of the child and family that portrayed liberatory models of blackness, but it also considers the role photographs played in the desire for consensus and closure with the rise of multiculturalism.

Offering rich analysis, Capshaw recovers many obscure texts and photographs while at the same time placing major names like Langston Hughes, June Jordan, and Toni Morrison in dialogue with lesser-known writers.

Stephen J. Davis

An important addition to thinking about representation and politics, Civil Rights Childhood ultimately shows how the photobook—and the aspirations of childhood itself—encourage cultural transformation. This is an important and engaging book that offers one of the few extended discussions of depictions of black childhood. Civil Rights Childhood will no doubt be an influential text in our understanding of the visual representations of black childhood now and in our future.

To read Capshaw is. Civil Rights Childhood not only advances our scholarly understanding of the politics of childhood, but also enables readers to better contextualize so many of the images and injustices we continue to encounter. Civil Rights Childhood is notable for its steadfast and vocal commitment to its political project. Friendship, Sympathy, Social Change 2. Part One concludes with a contribution from Zolkos examining how the children of highly ranked Nazi Officers work with "ancestral guilt" to create a very specific discourse of redemption and recovery that steers German cultural memory.

The second section — "The Child in Imagination" — also begins with an article that provides an overview of previous work. The final section — "The Institutionalized Child" — contains just two chapters, both on Australian topics. The collection ends with a chapter from Emily Soper on the racial politics embedded in the discussion of "Stolen" and "Forgotten" children in Australia.

‘Connective memories’: reflections on relations between childhood, memory and temporality

The "Stolen Generations" is the moniker used to refer to Aboriginal children who were forcibly removed from their families and their communities and sent to be re-educated primarily as domestic servants in boarding schools custom built for this purpose. The forgotten Australians are, primarily, white Australian children who — for diverse reasons ranging from illegitimacy to orphanhood — were also raised in institutions.

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Children and Their Development 5th Edition

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