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We have heard fantastic stories from people giving Rescue Remedy to their dogs when having seizures. The Original Bach Flower Remedies are preserved in brandy and have been used safely on animals for more than 80 years. You can also add a drop to a treat, on food or rub it on the paws or ears. Star of Bethlehem — Orithogalum umbellatum Helps animals that have experienced abuse, trauma and shock, whether experienced recently or in the past. Helps the animal let go of the trauma and enjoy life.

Rock Rose — Helianthemum For situations in which the animal experiences panic or terror such as an accident, going to the vet, thunderstorm or fireworks. Cherry Plum — Prunus cerasifera Helps animals who seem to have lost control of their actions such as constant barking, scratching or licking. Provides a sense of security and fearlessness so they may face challenges and difficulties more easily.

Allows the animal to learn from experience so it can move on in life and not repeat the same mistakes. No apparent interest in the world around them: animals who sleep all the time, have trouble paying attention, or seem to live more in a dream than in the present. Enables the animal to develop a more lively interst in the world around them and enjoy and participate in life. An animal that is more relaxed, accepting itself and its imperfections. It has a cleansing effect. Overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility froma temporary circumstance: abadoning their litter.

Jealousy of other animals or a new baby in the home. Angry growling, hissing, barking, snapping or unprovoked attacks. Animals become self-assured, adjust to its new home or environment. NOTE : Please clean all mixing bottles before use and in between uses with boiling water and soap. Kit for Horse Lovers: This kit is for the caring horse and pony owner who prefer to treat problems before they start.

Who is ready to start using the Bach Flower Remedies when their horse or pony feels anxious and stressed. Starter Kit for Dog Lovers: This kit is for the caring dog owner who prefer to treat problems before they start and who is ready to start using the Bach Flower Remedies when their dog feels anxious and stressed.

Martin J. Natural Health Care for your Bird: Advice on home remedies to cure bird illnesses and rid them of parasites. Special information is given for owners of canaries, parrots, lovebirds, parakeets, and pigeons. Standard and homeopathic medications are described. She offer phone and email consultations for your pets.

Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs: A Brief Introduction

Order your consultation from the comfort of your home and receive s detailed treatment plan and 1 months free support. Animals and the Bach Flower Remedies. Animals have emotions too.

Why I Changed My Mind About Bach Flower Remedies

They too feel fear, anger, jealousy, and depression just like us. The Bach Flower Remedies are able to help our animals when they have negative emotions just as they help us when we are emotionally out of balance. Unfortunately, we are not able to ask our pet why it acts depressed, but we do know if it misses a friend or gets overly excited around new people. The Bach Flower Remedies are safe for both humans and animals.

Go here if you wish to learn more about using the Bach Flower Remedies on animals www. Agrimony 20ml "Communicate Openly" Keywords: Addiction, unhappy, anxiety, dislike being alone Human Indication : Mental torment behind a brave face. Rock Water 20ml "Flexible Mind" Keywords: Self repression, self denial, self perfection, overwork, self-sacrificing, opinionated Human indication: Is indicated when you are too strict and set too-high standards for yourself, to the point of self-domination and self-martyrdom.

The Original Flower Essence Blends, specially made for animals

Centaury 20ml "Be Assertive" Keywords: Weak-willed, bullied, unable to say no, imposed on, lack energy, tired, timid, passive, quiet Human indication: When you have a hard time saying NO and therefore easily get imposed on. Cerato 20ml "Trust Intuition" Keywords: Confirmation, seek advice, do not trust own wisdom or judgment Human indication: When you do not trust your own judgment in decision-making, keep asking for advise. Chicory 20ml "Love Unconditionally" Keywords: Possessive, over-protective, self-centered, critical, nagging, self-pity, easily offended, manipulating, demanding Human indication: When you find yourself manipulating and controlling your loved ones.

Clematis 20ml "Have Focus" Keywords: Daydreaming, dreaminess, withdrawing, lack of concentration Human indication: When you have a tendency to live in your own dream world with little interest in the real world, accident prone, daydreaming. Crab Apple 20ml "Accept Imperfection" Keywords: Cleansing, poor self image, sense of uncleanliness, obsessive.. Elm 20ml "Be Efficient" Keywords: Depression, overwhelmed by responsibilities, despondent, exhausted Human indication: Feeling overwhelmed and depressed, there is too much to do and you don't feel that you can do it all.

Gentian 20ml "Accept Setbacks" Keywords: Discouraged, depressed, Human indication: When you easily get discouraged when faced with difficulties. Gorse 20ml "Have Hope" Keywords : Hopelessness, despair, pessimism Human indication: When you have the feeling of extreme hopelessness and despair. Holly 20ml "Goodwill Toward Others" Keyword: Envy, jealousy, hate, insecurity, suspicious, aggressive, needs compassion Human indication: When you need to overcome the feeling of hate, envy and jealousy.

Honeysuckle 20ml "Embrace The Now" Keyword: Homesickness, nostalgia, bereavement, living in the past Human indication: For over-attachment to past memories good or bad, can't let go of the past, homesickness. Hornbeam 20ml "Procrastinate Less" Keyword: Weariness, bored, tired, needs strength, overworked, procrastination, doubting own abilities, lack of motivation.

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Impatiens 20ml "Have Patience" Keyword: Impatience, irritated, nervy, frustration, fidgety, accident-prone, hasty Human indication: Suitable for people who are easily irritated and impatient. Larch 20ml "Have Confidence" Keyword: Lack of confidence, depressed, discouraged, feeling of inferiority. Mimulus 20ml "Face Your Fears" Keyword: Fear, blushing, stammering, shyness, timid, sensitive, lack of courage Human indication: Fear of known things. Oak 20ml "Restore Endurance" Keywords : Exhaustion, overwork, workaholic, fatigued, over-achiever Human Indication: When you are exhausted, but keep struggling on.

Olive 20ml "Restore Energy" Keyword: Lack of energy, fatigue, convalescence Human indication: When you are exhausted with no reserves of strength or energy. Pine 20ml "Have Self-Respect" Keywords: Guilt, self-reproach, humble, apologetic, shame, unworthy, undeserving Human indication: When you feel guilt and self-reproach, not necessarily based on any actual wrong-doing but destroys the possibility of joy in living.

Flower Essence Therapy For Dogs

Human indication: When you feel over-concerned and worried for loved ones. Scleranthus 20ml "Be Decisive" Keyword: Indecision, imbalance, uncertainty Human indication: When you suffer from indecision, particularly when faced with two choices. Star of Bethlehem 20ml "Neutralize Grief" Keywords: Trauma, after effect of shock, post traumatic stress. Human indication: For after effects of trauma or traumatic experience. Sweet Chestnut 20ml "Be Optimistic".

Keywords: Extreme mental anguish, hopeless despair, intense sorrow Human indication: When you feel hopeless despair, and you feel an intense sorrow and feel destroyed by it. Vine 20ml "Motivate Not Dominate" Keywords: Domineering, inflexible, very capable, gifted, bullying, aggressive Human indication: For those who dominate others. Walnut 20ml "Adapt To Change" Keywords: Change, link breaker, menopause, puberty, moving, let go of the past, protection Human indication: Protection from outside influences and energies.

Water Violet 20ml "Connect To Others". Keywords: Proud, aloof, lonely, anti-social, disdainful, condescending, self-reliant, private Human indication: People who feel lonely because they have a tendency to appear proud and anti-social. White Chestnut 20ml "Calm Your Mind". Keywords: Repeated unwanted thoughts, mental arguments, concentration, sleeplessness, insomnia Human Indication: When you mind is cluttered with thoughts or mental arguments. Wild Oat 20ml "Decide Your Path". Key Words: Cross-road in life, decision making, lack of clarity, drifting in life Human indication: When you are uncertain of correct path in life.

Wild Rose 20ml "Show Enthusiasm ". Keywords: Apathy, resignation, lost motivation, lack of ambition, bored Human indication: For anyone who is resigned to an unpleasant situation whether illness, a monotonous life or uncongenial work. Keywords: Self pity, resentment, short-changed, poor me, sulky, irritable, grumbling, bitterness, blame, complain Human indication: When you feel resentment, self-pity and bitterness. Kit for Horse Lovers Kit for Horse Lovers: This kit is for the caring horse and pony owner who prefer to treat problems before they start.

Starter Kit for Dog Lovers Starter Kit for Dog Lovers: This kit is for the caring dog owner who prefer to treat problems before they start and who is ready to start using the Bach Flower Remedies when their dog feels anxious and stressed. T his kit contains:. Neem Pet Shampoo. Book: Bach Flower Remedies for Cats by. Vervain 20ml - Old Label - Exp. Crab Apple 20ml - Old Label - Exp.