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But so far my impressions of the core game mechanics and the engine it is built on are very positive. All that remains to be seen is whether or not the game content will live up to its potential. Hopefully I can play this sometime. Looks like it might be one of the better games for the Wii right now.

Tristam & Braken - Frame of Mind 1 hour version

I was deeply disappointed by the PAL release of this one being cancelled. The whole series has been great.

There is this sense of dread in the proceedings and I love the feeling of isolation one experiences while playing it but scares seem too SLOW-MO to affect me I suppose. Thanks for the status report, Chris. Your observations are very interesting, particularly those concerning the camera differences. I look forward to your final review.

From what I have seen of the tantalizing walkthroughs available on YouTube, however, the game looks pretty great.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

My question to you is: How do you manage to hook up and play a foreign console in the US? I live in Japan, so buying a Japanese Wii was no problem. I am sure you can buy one in the US or import it from PlayAsia or some similar site. Brian, you can also get a modchip which allows you to play games of other regions.

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Be careful to choose the right modchip though, not all of them let you play japanese games. Also, it seems pretty obvious to me that the camera change was made so that the game could support controls using the wiimote all the time.

What I wonder though is how this affects the scaryness of the game, camera angles have always been one of things that could increase scaryness in SH games and for several reasons not being able to see monsters that you can hear, giving you the feeling of being stuck even in empty places like in the original Resident Evil, etc. I completely agree with your opinions of the game, the camera controls only bothered me when I was trying to quickly snap the vanishing ghosts.

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You do have the Camera Obscura, an item that can not only see ghosts, but can hurt them by capturing their image. You bring up the viewfinder to switch the game into a first-person perspective, and then try to take clear pictures where the ghost takes up most of the frame.

It's an interesting mechanic that takes nerves of steel to perfect, and it also keeps the game from moving into the tired world of jump cuts and cheap scares. You're not seeing the restless and violent spirits out of the corner of your eye; the game actually forces you to stare at them for seconds at a time, only "attacking" by hitting the shutter as they get close.

The camera has an unlimited amount of the low-grade film that doesn't do much damage, but you'll also find and use a limited amount of higher-quality film that does much more damage.

The Loud House: A Fatal Frame Of The Mind

There are also different ways to upgrade the camera to increase your abilities in combat. The odds always seem stacked against you, no matter how many ways you have to dispel the spirits you come across. If you're a fan of the first game, it's also interesting to learn exactly where the camera came from, and how it gained some of its special properties. The game takes place in a world where ghosts not only exist, but they will speak to you. One character even helps you in your quest.

Fatal Frame 4 is never coming to U.S. says Tecmo | Network World

The game is so affecting because of how well it tightens its grip on the characters as you explore the village and find out what went wrong, and why twins are so important to its history. You are cut off from the hope of anyone's help, and as you piece together the story of the village you begin to understand why things are the way they are, and the idea of "good" and "bad" characters is nicely subverted.

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This is the classic moment where you realize the needs of the few are nothing compared to the needs of the many—and you're one of the unfortunate few. It's very hard for any form of media to keep you scared for an extended period of time; even good horror movies have their ups and downs. Fatal Frame 2 is unrelenting when it comes to knocking you off balance and keeping you from feeling safe through the entire experience.

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There is no place to run or hide, and the village is as much a character as anyone or anything you encounter while playing. In fact, the village seems to be the primary character, and the remnants of the villagers themselves are just animated scabs that crawl over its surface. You are not an unwelcome guest here, you have been invited in and then trapped.

This wasn't an accident.